Jumat, 22 November 2013


The point is not about having child or not, it means that we have to give them a better future with actions from now on! The future will come.... we have to do something now to make a better day in the future. Right?! For our great great great grandchildren.

What is project sunlight?

Very powerful ad. Like many of its precedent ad campaigns, Unilever's commitment to its corporate social responsibility and its ingenious use of universal human emotions. It's also a clip which will have parents, particularly the influential moms, sharing the video because they want their friends to feel the emotions that the ad triggered within them. Research shows that children are key to motivating adults to want to adopt more sustainable lifestyles and are a powerful influence on parents changing their behavior. Join Project Sunlight and change the habit ^_^

Oh, don't you get familiar with the sound of VO? Yeah, Mr. Sharukh Khan :-)

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