Minggu, 22 September 2013

Pull up training pants by Bumwear.

As all of you know, Liam and Logan wearing cloth diaper daily. Easy for me because it won't be making any mess. By the time an average baby is toilet trained, he or she would have gone through almost 7000 diapers. How much does it cost? Cloth diapers cost a fraction of that plus they can most probably be passed down to the baby's future sibling if taken care properly.

Benefits of cloth diapers:

-. Cloth diapered babies have less diaper rash: the superb absorbent gel in disposable diapers facilities less changing by parents, and 'pulls' natural moisture from baby's skin, encouraging irritation.
-. No chemicals in cloth diapers: Disposable diapers contain sodium polycrylate which absorbs up to 100 times its weight in water. Sodium polyacryclate is the substance that was removed from tampons in 1985 due to its link to toxic shock syndrom.
-. Cloth diapers are environmental-friendly: The average disposable diapers will create two tons of bio-hazardous waste that will sit in a landfill for about 500 years before decomposition takes place. The plastic components of disposables may never decomposed :(

Couple days ago LiLo have been tried pull up training pants by bumwear.
It's not the first time they wear this brand. As a new born they wear prefold from bumwear. Nice one. All in good shape so their prefold can be pass down to their future cousin. The bumwear pull up training pants is a pocket system require an insert to be stuffed inside. Good for LiLo who hasn't do potty trainning. For this model, lilo also tried greenappy and GG pull-up pants. The waist of the bumwear pull-up is elasticised so making it easy to pull it down and up. Of course it’s also breathable and waterproof outer layer to contain any mess. They come in cute colors making toilet training a fun process.

Brand new bumwear should always be pre-washed before the first use. This will increase the absorbency of the diaper by removing the oils that are naturally present or added to the fabric. Pre-washing may seem like a hassle :)) but it is worth doing as it will dramatically improve the perfomance of the diapers. A great way to pre-wash your bumwear is just to machine wash them 2-3 times before their first use.
Btw, maintenance for bumwear is easy: After removing the soiled diaper from your baby, shake any solids into the toilet. The fleece is great for releasing anything fairly solid. Remove the insert, then rinse any solids still on diaper; you may want to add a squirt of handsoap while rinsing the diaper and insert. While not necessary, highly recommend the toilet spray for spraying off solid waste. Drop the diaper into your dry diaper pail ready to be laundered.

Unfortunately the bumwear pull up trainning doesn't come up in one-size so they don't grow with your baby. They come with 3 sizes. S,M,L.

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