Minggu, 03 Juli 2011

Today, a year ago

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Have you ever wondered to be in love with the same man for 6 years?

I never have a 'relationship' before. I used to think commitment just like prison.
I am young....and catch dreams.
but here i am now, still in love with someone i have declared as my boyfriend 6 years ago

First year, never think it will pass smoothly
but we passed it well

Now we're running our 6 years of relationships
and it's been 6 years of incredible love and wonderful friendship

There is always be new things about me and him to learn
even in our six years
i believe there will be more to come

And i'm glad i have him in my life
he might not be the perfect guy for me since i wont be the perfect girl for him either
but we know, in many points of our life, we just complete each other
and that's the thing that makes this relationship feels perfect

Thank you for the beauty of every joy, tears and mad
Thank you for listening
thank you for staying

Today isn't our anniversary :p
But today we have another history
Good story for us to remember.
Silly story for our next generation.

2 komentar:

lala_neechan mengatakan...

eh eh... story apa ya inyi yg dimaksud? *kepo*

PRIMADIKA mengatakan...

Kalo lo pinter bisa ngelacak kok :))