Jumat, 31 Desember 2010

Time to say good bye, time to say hello

Can't believe it. It's almost 2011... Time flew so fast. Feeling just couple days ago wrote this.

How's life?

Looking back at my 2010 resolutions, alhamdulillah I've done pretty well :-) A lot happened this year. In good or bad circle, I am grateful for everything that has happened, and I shall have no regrets. Life will never be flawless. In fact, those bumpy times are actually the most valuable moments for us to live and learn and become better people.

For me life is magical.

I’m happy, not because my life is perfect, but because I everyday strive to reach perfection. And my definition of perfection, keeps changing everyday. And I know that each chapter is getting more interesting. Life’s very exciting, and I want to feel the thrill without being euphoric to the extent that I take pleasure in all the joy to myself. I want to share, I want others to feel happy too.

And well, 2011 gonna be more awesome than before.

Bless my steps, bless my dreams, bless my country, fill my heart and people surrounding me with Your Bless.


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