Selasa, 23 November 2010

6.0 Version

Growing's freaking me out.

IMO, For two people that are involved in a long distance relationship, both must always treat each other as best as possible, so each can realize why the faraway lover is worth to wait. Our story has never been any sort of puppy-love, but instead a mature and well-thought feeling we developed for each other having in consideration all aspects that differentiate us yet unite us beautifully.

I remember the first time we spoke about our feelings for each other, We did. We fell in love and decided to give it a try. And it feels magical. I thank God for bringing me to you, or you to me whichever the perspective.

Although it's freaking me out, i think 6.0 version will be better. Newest version comes with new features, patches and off course bug fixes.

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