Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

I think Elizabeth Gilbert's story is common in life. It's normal when we are asking our self , who am i going to be? , what should i do? , what does it for ?, and many more question pop up in mind. She spent in Italy,eating and enjoying life. She spent in India,trying to find her spirituality. And she ended the year in Bali, looking for balance of the two and love. What about yours? Do you (still) looking for one? I do. Not really looking for, I've figured it out, but i need learning more to keep all work well, in good direction of course.

Anyway, I like this one : When Ketut Liyer gave an androgynous figure, hands clasped in prayer, the figure has four legs, And where the head should be, wild foliage of fern and flowers. A small smiling face is drawn over the heart. That picture means, keep grounded so it's like you have four legs that way you can stay in this world, also, no looking at world through your head, look through your heart instead. That way you will know God.

I've read the book and also watched the movie. You should watch it. Christine Hakim looks so gorgeous.

By the way don't you think Bali looks amazing in this movie? Thanks to Liz Gilbert to show Bali to the world.

PS : If there's a mistake or two, I'll revise ^_^

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