Minggu, 06 Juli 2014

Indonesia Memilih

It's getting hotter this month in term of temperature and politics, as we're celebrating the much-awaited in which we will vote for our new president. Two hopefuls Prabowo Subianto - Hatta Rajasa and Joko Widodo - Jusuf Kalla, will fight tooth and nail to get elected as our leader on July 9. I encourage you to go to the ballot box and cast your vote for whomever candidate you deem the best to preside over Indonesia. Your vote counts and will make a difference. Use it to change your country's fate.

My hopes are high with this years's election. Our country is at a crossroads in that it must wake up and pull itself up from the sociopolitical complacencies and I'll practices that will endanger our reputation and ability to grow. We've been facing ongoing, perpetual problems that have gotten under our skin:the same old problems that make us cringe. We need breakthroughs to solve issue, which I believe won't be an easy undertaking. Nevertheless, I have trust in our future government. They will do the best.


For better Indonesia. Allah bless us. 

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