Sabtu, 11 Desember 2010

Good day

After long...long...time, finally we met up. Me and Lala decided to go to cinema watched Rapunzel. Yes, we are. Unyuu aunty among cute ABG. We love Disney movie so much. Maybe both of us are princess form far far away kingdom. Ok, forget about that. Good for you who are already had a kid, spend time together watch a movie. Discuss about that. Huhuhu... suddenly i miss my pa and ma. Watch movie together then discuss it.

Then, lunch. Uhm...lunch for early - CLSK's victory - celebration. Eh?! Hahaha.... :p Have late lunch and a little chit-chat. Took a picture with my BB, which is not good. I forgot that i brought my Sony Ericsson which is have a better camera.

Seaweed never fail makes me happy ^_^

Taiyaki. Vanilla ice cream with red bean

Short time but we had a lot of fun. In the end, i miss Tina.

Bad side, when i went for Sushi with Lala, I can't order the raw one. She can't stand with it. Zzzzz....

Have nice weekend everyone. Have a bless weekend.

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