Jumat, 24 Desember 2010

Christmas eve

H-1 before 25 December. Decided hang out together with my lovely sista. Bought a birthday gift for my nephew. He loves reading so i bought him books. Hope he'll like it and enjoy it.

Birthday gift for my nephew

End of year discount fabulous. After buy some stuffs then we had lunch in Mr. pancake. For the first time we eat there. Cool environment. Feel so homey. Just like eating in your grandma's house. After hitting sale - war, two girls are starving. We ordered a lot.

Atlantic salad

Hill top soup

Tom yam soup

Chocoholic lovers pancake

Chamomile tea

Pancake so delicious, but hill top soup and tom yam soup are too salty for us :( But don't worry we will come back for the pancake :p

My sister

Writer feel so full. Yup, a little chubby

When we arrived home. We found a bowl full with yummy shellfish -Oh, cholesterol be nice ya- (--") Not long form that, our relatives gave us 2 box brownies. Oh, God what i hate about Christmas i absolutely gain some weight :(

Btw, today is bright day after couple days stay in rainy day. Lovely.

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